From a sister down south…

Dear Tejaswee,

It feels a little strange, to be writing a letter to someone you’ve never known or met personally.  But I’ve been wanting to write this out for sometime now.

I first met you when I was an intern at an office.  I had some free time on my hands and I was randomly browsing the net. I don’t know how exactly it came up, but somehow I came upon your mother’s blog. I found it interesting and started reading, going through previous posts, and read about you. I remember my eyes filling up with tears, threatening to spill over and I had to close the window. I knew that I would start crying if I continued to read.

I returned home that evening and continued reading, in the privacy of my bedroom. The tears began to fall and refused to stop for sometime…

Tejaswee, I have a younger sister, just a couple of months elder than you. A bright, intelligent and beautiful girl and the apple of my eye. I’m sure that you would be much the same… bright, intelligent, beautiful and someone with the capacity to light up any room you walk into.

I shared your blog (and your mother’s) with my sister. She reads occasionally, and I look up your mother’s blog almost everyday, and leave comments occasionally. I think you would be incredibly proud of your mom, and you should be –  She’s a phenomenal woman and has inspired so many people – with the amount of strength she has, and with her courage to blog about so many things.

And in some ways, reading her blog, reading the blogs of people who commented on her blog, make me realise that there was a huge world out there in the blogosphere. I’ve always loved to write, and now I’ve been inspired to create this little space for myself.

A relative of mine recently suffered from dengue. A little girl – she’s about 6 years old, and had lost her mother to a heart attack just 10 days earlier. She was terribly critical for sometime, and we were so worried. I couldn’t help but constantly remember how dengue had so unfortunately snatched you away and I kept praying that she should get better. She’s out of the ICU now, but still needs plenty of care and rest for a few months atleast. I wish you had walked out of that ICU too – the world needs so many people like you.

To your mother – Aunty, please keep Tejaswee’s blog alive. There are so many people out there who read her words and are inspired in so many ways. And who should remember to be thankful for all that they have in life.

You’ve made a tremendous impact in the blogging world (and beyond), kiddo… Had I known you, I think we might have been great friends.

You’ll live on forever in so many hearts, just like your mother says… 🙂 Keep smiling, wherever you are.

Hugs and much love,

A sister down south.


8 thoughts on “From a sister down south…

    1. Getting better, but very slowly. We were terrified that she wouldn’t make it, but she pulled through. Her mother had died just 10 days before that, it was a very very bad time for the entire family. Her dad is nursing her back to health now.

  1. It is fortunate that the little girl is doing well. So much suffering all around.. The only thing that keeps it all working is the faith and devotion of the good people. Thankfully, they are aplenty.

  2. Chanced upon your blog when I was reading Tejaswee’s letter to the future..your letter elaborates my feelings exactly when I read it for the first time…

    I was so inspired by her writing that I started blogging myself 🙂

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