Its just a song, di!

After the Kolaveri phenomenon, Tamil Nadu is now gripped by the “Clubbula Mubbu” fever. A hip-hop/rap single – sung and composed by ‘Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’. It became a rage after being sung on a radio channel, video-taped and shared several times online.

I understand it has a catchy beat and a lyrics that rhyme. But I listened to it and after a couple of seconds, I realised the lyrics were really really offensive. A lot of people reading this blog aren’t Tamilians, so I’ve translated the lyrics.

The lyrics of the actual song, along with my rough translation below in English:

[Song starts with this chorus which repeats several times]

We coming crazy .. Every body !
club le mubbu le thiriyara pombala
ennadi nadakuthu senthamizh naatilla

[Drunken women roaming around in clubs… What the hell is happening in traditional Tamil Nadu?] 

ladies !
ellarukkum vanakkaminga
[Vanakkams and namaskarams to all the ladies]

maanam parakuthinga
[Ladies! Our pride has flown away!]

Hi girls !
how are you ya
pathu maasam pazhagina pinne
who are you da
[Girls initially saying, ‘How are you da?’; and after 10 months of speaking to you ‘Who are you da?’] 

moondre sorttkal
i love you thaan
atha kartha kooda unnake theriyala
[Just 3 words – I love you. And you don’t even know the value/meaning of these words]

sheena leena veena meena
konjam konjam tamil theriyum
vetti scenu vaenaam
[Don’t act as if you know just basic tamil]

tamizh naata vittu puttu foriegnikku pona
thai mozhi tamizhinai maranthida vaenam
[Don’t forget your mother tongue after leaving to a foreign country] 

be it rohini mohini yamini kamini
figurinnu nenaichittu seiyarathu comedy
ambalaiya kora sollum vetti vela vaenam di
enna thaan paarkiraan !!
intha pozhapunakku ennadi
[You spend all your time complaining that men are looking at you and finding fault with men..What the f*** is this life?] 

Ella pooningalaiyum kora solla villaenga
enna paetha deivamum pombala thaaninga
ella paasangalum ippa enga pakkam vaangam
ungalayum saernthu keduthiduvaanga
[I’m not finding fault with all girls.. the angel who gave birth to me is also a woman. All boys, come to this side.. else the girls will spoil you too!]

noorila ambathavathu ippadi thaan alayithu
clubla mubbula dam adichu thiriyuthu
kanjada kaathu kalam ellam maari
oooooossss… aiyo adikithinga kandravi
[Atleast 50 out of 100 girls are always drinking and smoking in clubs.]

club le mubbu le thiriyara pombala
ennadi nadakuthu senthamizh naatilla
ladies !
ellarukkum vanakkaminga
maanam parakuthinga
club le mubbu le thiriyara pombala
ennadi nadakuthu senthamizh naatilla
ladies !
ellarukkum vanakkaminga
maanam parakuthinga
[Chorus Repeat]

azhagaana ponnu thaan
athukaetha kannu thaan
avakitta irukuthu
ara bottle rum thaan
[She’s a pretty girl… with pretty eyes. And she has with her, a half bottle of rum]

azhagaana ponnu thaan
athukaetha kannu thaan
rum kooda irukuthu
ara packet dum-u thaan
[She’s a pretty girl… with pretty eyes. And along with the half bottle of rum, she has with her, a half packet of cigarettes]

devathaiyathe ne thevaillai
aadiriyeh samma bodhayillaeh
lets go ! ah
[Girls are no longer angels… only smoking]

nagaiya poata kaalam poyi
pogaya poatu thallithinga
[The time when girls wore jewels is gone, now they wear only smoke] 

kanchi patta vittu puttu
kerchief kettithinga
[The Kanchi silks have been discarded, ‘kerchiefs’ are worn these days]  

Peace out !!

You can watch the video here

Listening to this song made me furious. And I was introduced to it by a girlfriend, who told me ‘Its awesome di!’ When I pointed it out to her that the lyrics were so sickening and demeaning of women, I was told to ‘Chill’ and ‘Its just a song! Don’t be such a prude!’

I’ve never been a bra-burning feminist, but this song is taking it too far.  Its not about feminism –  it sickens me that I’m living in a world where ‘making fun of girls’ is ‘cool’, and where eve-teasing a girl would make her eventually fall in love with the guy,  and where we don’t even think of protesting against such despicable songs. I was told, ‘Dude, its just a song.. not even a film song, just a hit single. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it!

I’m all for freedom of expression, etc, etc.. but there should be something we can do.

I’m not able to think of anything at the moment, but are there similar  such songs in other languages? Unfortunately, I can think of plenty in Tamil alone. I’m making this a tag, although maybe not a fun one. If you’re reading this and you can think of some song in any language that you find offensive, please write about it. Hopefully we can create some awareness, and music directors/composers/lyricists will realise that we aren’t a bunch of fools who are willing to make a hit out of lyrics that should be thrown into the gutter.  And hopefully my friends would realise it isn’t a ‘cool song’. I shudder to think of guys and even young children who would grow up listening to this, and thinking that its okay to sing this way/think this way.

For those who are totally turned off from Tamil music  after listening to these songs – all is not lost! We still have poets amidst us who have written and continue to write the most beautiful of lyrics. Hopefully someone should come up with a classic number soon enough, to throw this garbage off the top of the radio/music channel hits.


33 thoughts on “Its just a song, di!

  1. Haha, it is just a song :). I don’t quite think ‘Club le mubbu le’ is quite the next-Stairway-to-Heaven material – so, its popularity should be as ephemeral as (all of) the songs of the genre. It’s definitely not the first of its kind and given how viral such songs can get, it should hardly be surprising if it’s not the last :).

    I do strongly respect the freedom of expression of others and their freedom to call such songs ‘cool’. However, I agree that the lyrics are offensive and certainly isn’t what should fall on ears of young children. However, I think the song’s a little too stupid to be considered seriously.

    This situation surely isn’t limited to just Tamil music. I can think of half-a-dozen recent songs in different languages which are equally offensive, badly composed and just plain stupid. But, what’s the point in citing them here? I’d rather share something that I enjoy listening to, hoping that someone else might enjoy it as well :).

    Here’s one I just listened to: Unfortunately, I have no clue what the song’s about :P. But, somehow, the music brings peace to my head :).

    1. I’ll listen to that, thanks 🙂 Yes, its just a song.. and yes its not limited to just tamil music. But its still sad when we don’t even realise that these guys actually took the time out to come up with such nonsensical lyrics and find it ‘cool’to sing it on FM!

  2. *facepalm*

    I had NO idea that was what the lyrics were all about.

    I’ve only got three honest-to-goodness South Indian friends. Two of them don’t speak Tamil and the third considers all hip-hop music offensive as a matter of principle.

    I feel oddly betrayed right now. 😦

    This kind of attitude is precisely what led to stuff like the Mangalore pub attacks.

    1. @CE – Thank you! That was the reaction I was hoping for. And if you read the comments below the video on youtube, its so much more disturbing – with both guys and girls justifying the lyrics of the song. One girl said, ‘Hey, they are talking only about a small number of girls who are like that.. only those type of people should get offended ya…’ I was annoyed noticing the body language of the rappers – they think they are so cool.
      Thank God for the small number of people who stand up and say its rubbish.

  3. Check out the “Lyrics” subsection on the Wiki page:

    […]the lyrics portray the feelings of an average Indian boy, who has fallen in love, or who has some problems with his girl[…]

    I was like…WHAT?!

    If the “average Indian boy” doesn’t like women who smoke/drink/dance, why can’t he just stay away from them? And how the heck did he fall in love with one of them anyway?

    Makes you wonder what such culture warriors know about “true love” themselves.

  4. @CE: They’re different songs :). The one with a wikipedia page is the “Kolaveri” song (intended to soothe people drinking and drowning in sorrow following ‘love failure’) and this post is about a different song (apparently hinting at women who drink/smoke).

      1. I was going to clarify that, but I see twocentimental has..
        ‘Culture Warriors!!’ – I’m picturing Muthalik and gang walking about with a board reading ‘Culture Warriors’ – ROFL!! 🙂 You definitely have a way with words.. Lol!

  5. Hi p&p, Whilst I think smoking is bad for health, this song is obviously not sung from that perspective. They romanticise “traditional women” and the “good old days” and heap scorn upon women who dare to think they are as free to make their own choices as men. Such songs hit women from three sides –
    . low lives feel they are justified to, for example, bump into “modern” women, touch their private parts and be generally offensive on our roads because “such women deserve it”
    . our loved ones tell us we shouldn’t frequent bars because of the attitude of the aforementioned species (it isn’t safe) and
    . some politicians seize the opportunity to let such people know they’ll give back their “culture and tradition” (provided, of course, such people vote for them.)
    It is only enlightened men and women who can make such people realise that women are human beings – the same as them.

    1. Exactly. And KayEm, if you see the comments under the Youtube video of the song, so many girls have commented saying ‘You shouldn’t bother about such songs unless you belong to this category’. It really should be no one’s business if someone decides to go clubbing/not.

  6. Thank you! Its good to know that there are a lot other girls who feel this way.

    SMS Forwards, jokes in the movie, chauvinistic dialogues by the hero, and now songs too join the bandwagon, and they all become a hit. 😡 I usually steer away from this, as it makes me so furious that I do not even want to speak about it. 😛

    Worst part like you said is even girls do not mind it. I am like “WTH”…


    1. Sometimes, I feel I’m over-reacting to what other people say is ‘just a song’. It feels good to know that I’m not alone in the world 🙂 Thanks for your comment, SB! We need to continue to protest against garbage lyrics (amidst other things) And lyrics that are offensive in any manner, its not just about being offensive to women.

    1. I severely dislike the judgemental tone of this song. Its none of his business even if someone chooses to wear a ‘kerchief’. And I don’t like the fact that he thinks singing such derogatory songs is ‘cool’. He’s actually made a name for himself in Chennai – how unfortunate!
      Thanks for the ping back, IHM!

  7. Though honestly, what exactly does the lyricist expect girls to do in clubs if not to drink and dance? 😀 If they wanted to pray, they would go to a temple instead. And yes, Tamil pop culture is really horrific these days. I cringe every time I see a Tamil film (not that I do often). I saw Roja the other day and still am amazed how the first half of it did not strike me as utter CRAP when I first saw it.

    I mean (1) the man wants to marry ONLY a girl from a village, never mind that he is well educated and wouldn’t really get along with an illiterate villager. (2) he points at the younger sister like the sisters were both cows for him to point at and choose (3) the women really have no say in their marriages, while the man obviously does. And Roja is supposed to be one of the more classier films!

    1. Hmm, Roja is supposed to be one of the classier films. Its still one of my favourite movies though 🙂 And the truth is, a lot of people did find happiness even in those situations. I would love for society to be less patriarchal though..

      1. Yes, they did find happiness in those situations – in the movie. In real life they would probably have remained miserable and continued to believe that it’s their fate.

  8. Seriously, ur getting worked up over a SONG??? if uve heard ANY of the modern RAP or HIP HOP songs, most of them demean men or women ( more men than women ). The best way to take it is to shrug it off as a SONG and not become OUTRAGED lyk u….it’s a song for heavens sake…I do agree that the lyrics are demeaning towards women but the fact of the matter is it’s a SONG written by some guy with an EXTREMELY catchy rhythm and is d craze at d moment…if u don’t like it…DONT HEAR IT

  9. Oh my God! Are you my blog twin or What? I am getting more and more awe-spired as am going on reading your posts one after another at a break neck speed..

    Dude this is spooky – the similarities in our choice of topics and especially the waY yoU have written this particular post is uncanny…

    Just once visit my blog and read mY most popular post – you will know what I am talking about.

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