Lost in another time.

She had been blocked again on Facebook. Earlier, she couldn’t view tagged photos, and now, she couldn’t view the profile pictures either. And even though it had been done by just clicking a link and editing privacy settings, it felt like a pair of scissors had gone through and snapped at yet another strand of the fragile thread holding it all together.

A fragile thread that was made of many fine strands… of a childhood spent growing up together, playing together, of shared memories, and of once-upon-a-time shared secrets. If she closed her eyes she remembered vividly, of endless sessions of ‘play-acting’, playing ‘dress-up’, cuddling and playing with their dolls together. Of giggly teenage years… when crushes were discussed, future love-lives dreamt of… of grumbling about difficult parents together, sharing common gossip, and secretly staying up late at night discussing their dreams.When the biggest hurt was fixed with a hug and a sloppy kiss… a few tears shed, a few “sorry’s” said, and all was well again.

If she thought about it deep enough, she could hear the sounds of their shared laughter… remember how it felt to hold hands and Β run against the wind…remember Β the number of times they would get angry with each other…remember the possessiveness and protectiveness they felt over each other.

No one really knew what happened along the way… no one could put a finger upon it. And yet, slowly the distance grew… and before they knew it, it had grown into a gaping chasm. Venturing into it to discover what lay at the bottom, with no safeguards, no guarantees and nothing to grip on. An exercise in futility perhaps? But it would be worth it, if she re-discovered a childhood love.

She wondered again, as she had so many times before, if she had done something wrong. But there were no real answers there. She leaned back and recollected sweet memories – of a time when more than blood bound them, when the closeness of their relationship was envied by others. The memories were overwhelming, and bitter-sweet.

Now the bitterness must be set aside. Nothing would take away the sweetness and innocence of that untouched love, of the pride and possessiveness she had in being the elder sister, of the adoration and love of a younger sister. Nothing would take away the love those two teenage girls shared.

But for now, that memory must be enough.


20 thoughts on “Lost in another time.

  1. That’s a big “ouch”! This happens and the sad part is that it’s too easy to just cut out part of a person’s heart. With this technology, no one has to take responsibility for talking to the person they cut off. They don’t have to take responsibility for their feelings.

    When two people pluck the courage to address these things, it’s amazing how askew the facts are that can be realigned so easily and so lovingly.

    It is very important to learn how to speak our feelings to someone who has hurt us. It takes courage, yes, but the respect we gain for ourselves is immeasurable.

    No matter the results, we have to know we can trust ourselves to look after ourselves.

    1. I liked the last line of your comment the most – that we have to trust ourselves to look after ourselves. And yes, technology ensures that so many things remain anonymous – its so much easier to cut off relationships without having to look someone in the eye.

      Beautiful comment, souldipper. Thank you.

  2. I just winced reading that. Which means it was VERY well-written indeed. The emotions come out alive.

    Sometimes, people just grow apart.

    I think it’s not always easy on the person doing the cutting off either. I’ve been in that situation with a friend who turned into a girlfriend who turned into an ex-girlfriend. She just became a completely different person over a few months, and we just didn’t have anything in common anymore. We both knew it was time to end it but it was still a very painful experience, and I cannot imagine what it might feel like doing the same to a person you’ve shared your entire childhood with, not just a few good months.

    Life can suck.

    1. I hate it when people grow apart without any proper explanation. It makes it that much harder to bear… 😐 Atleast if there was a reason, it would give some excuse.

      I will do the award tag soon – totally tied up with work for a few days. But thank you.. I’m deeply touched and beyond thrilled πŸ™‚

  3. The love of siblings its sad when people grow apart and relations break ..

    Life teaches us a lot sometimes in good nad bad ways .. i wonder why people change suddenly ..

  4. Beautifully written πŸ˜€
    Life is both beautiful and ugly because of it’s unpredictability…a situation that felt so real…for I have seen similar tough times very recently.

  5. Wow very well written,teenage friendship,growing years and many such innocent moments are integral part of life. Someone said correctly, life is very unpredictable to guess or plan anything out

  6. I always wished for a sister, but never had one. My cousin sister was the closest person I had when I was very young, but with time people do fall apart. Not without reasons though. But I feel that we need to go beyond memories and make present as memorable as past.

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