Of new beginnings

I’ve been away for a while. I was reading other blogs regularly but somehow never found the time to write. So much has happened since my last post. So if you have time for a slightly personal life update, do read on 🙂

First off – I got married this summer 🙂 To the love of my life who I’d been dating long-distance for 7 years. It feels wonderful to finally be together . Our wedding was beautiful and more than lived up to my girlhood dreams. Through the wedding prep and the actual wedding, I found myself changing as a person – getting a better idea of what was more important and the very special bonding with my family that happened. (A separate post on this later)

Second – I moved away from home for the first time in my life. Away from my beloved Madras (where family and friends reside) all the way to the US of A. Its been a massive massive change but I’ve enjoyed most of it. I find myself making more effort to keep in touch with friends and family. I also realized I’m the kind of person who needs to talk to my parents, see them and hear their voices atleast every 2-3 days. Thank God for FaceTime and Google Hangouts 🙂 Before the wedding and the big move, I was worried that I would miss Madras so much that I’d be miserable, but thankfully that hasn’t been the case. As much as I do miss my family and miss being in India, I’m managing well enough and loving life as is it.

Third – I started studying a Masters course at a good university here. Studying after a break of 2 years, challenging classes that keep me on my toes every minute, phenomenal professors and extremely bright peers – its a delight!

But these big changes have made me introspect and I’m learning so much everyday.  Some of these things I always knew about myself and some are new discoveries 🙂

  • I realized I love maintaining my own house. Its a small apartment and we have minimal furniture, buts its nice to keep things looking pretty – a few photographs around the house, a small collection of books between us,  colorful blankets and rugs, a potted flowering plant beside the window – these are the things that make a house a home.
  • Managing without household help isn’t so bad. I’m very particular about not waking up to a messy kitchen so unless we’re drop-dead tired, we manage to clean up every night before we sleep. Of course the fact that we’re both not messy people helps!
  • I love cooking. Reading food blogs and looking up recipes online has become part of my regular routine. The fact that the husband is quite the foodie makes it all the more fun!
    And on a side note – I never really understood why people said ‘Cooking everyday when you get to the US is difficult – you’ll find yourself cooking for a week and freezing it’.
    Its not so difficult – I love variety and cooking with fresh ingredients – making dinner doesn’t take more than an hour, at the most. Sway to some nice music while chopping and sauteing, and it becomes a joy.
  • I’m learning  to appreciate the silence. I come from a large, boisterous family. Put 4 people in a room and you’ll have atleast 8 cross-conversations happening. I myself am quite talkative too – around people I’m comfortable with. And as luck would have it, I married a quiet man and we live in a new city where we don’t have any family or friends as yet. Evenings spent wrapped in  a shawl and seated on the sofa with my textbook while he reads something or works on the side – these have become quiet pleasures.
  • Making our own traditions and changing some. This is probably the thing I love the most. And by traditions, I don’t strictly mean religious ones. Snuggling into bed after dinner, watching a TV show on the laptop and digging into one carton of ice cream with one spoon; texting each other every morning and evening as soon as we reach work and home; shopping for groceries every weekend and learning each others tastes …
    Our first Diwali together was special – we lit 4 dozen candles in our small apartment, decorated the dining table with a rice kolamdressed up and took lots of pictures to send back home. It looked beautiful. I’m looking forward to setting up my first Christmas tree this December! Something that I’ve never done before 🙂

We’ve been together for a long time but with every day, there’s something new to learn about each other. There are moments of sweetness that take my breath away, thoughtful gestures that make me smile. And because we don’t live in a perfect world – moments of annoyance, being angry and upset and just wanting to be left alone… 🙂

I hope to write more often. And I leave you with a couple of Deepavali pictures!

Basking in the glow
Taking selfies of ourselves
Basking in the glow

4 thoughts on “Of new beginnings

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I loved this post! This is more than a little belated, but congratulations on the marriage – long distancing for 7 years is super commendable! 🙂

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