For someone to share the ordinary with

My cousin brother got married recently and at his wedding, my (older) cousin sister gave a brief speech about love and marriage. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the wedding, but my family recorded a video of her giving the speech and sent it to me. I found it so incredibly thoughtful and I’ve listened to it repeatedly since then. I love and admire my sister for many reasons but I think this is one of the most meaningful things she has said.

She said “When you get married, you make your spouse a promise. A promise that you will be there – for the good, the bad, the sad and the terrible. That you will be there to share every moment – even the mundane and the ordinary. You tell your spouse ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I am there to notice it'”.

I find these words keep reverberating in my heart and mind.

The husband and I have settled into a pretty standard routine. We leave home together in the morning, and he drops me off at the station with a quick kiss. We come back home within an hour of each other and spend our evenings discussing how our day went. I usually tell him about the new cases I’m working on, or the updates that happened in an earlier case. He tells me about a new program he’s working on, and sometimes gives me a demo to walk through the process. We talk about the problems we are having, brainstorming together and coming up with new ideas.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize how much what my sister said is true. The intimacy of having someone to come home to, to share your every day with. To show him an email from my boss saying “The draft was well done. Good job”, or to say “My colleague was being really crabby today. I wonder what’s going on”.

These everyday conversations might sound so ordinary, but to me, these shared conversations are what make our marriage extraordinarily special. Because the presence of a special someone, makes the mundane in my life,  seem meaningful.

14 thoughts on “For someone to share the ordinary with

  1. But they are not ordinary.. One is sharing the emotion and thoughts with the one who is the closest and dearest. .so how can they be ordinary ☺☺

    God bless you both and may you always alwayssssss be happy….

  2. Aah loved your cousin’s speech! So true, all her words 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with how S and I interact – there are not many romantic moments or lovey dovey dialogues! We are like two people sharing the most mundane things in our life but as your sister said, you can have any kind of conversation with anyone, but it is with your better half that you can share some things that others might consider unworthy 🙂

    1. Honestly, I think intimacy can be found everywhere, not just in the lovey-dovey conversations 🙂 And each couple is made differently – the key is to finding your own peace and happiness in your interactions (regardless of how it might be)!

  3. Beautiful post! Love what your cousin had to say. I agree with that completely – sharing the ordinary, the everyday only strengthens the bond between a couple (even friends, for that matter), and helps you tide over difficulties. It makes you feel that you have someone to come home to, and to share your life with. It makes you feel less alone.

    The OH and I used to talk about anything and everything under the sun before Bubboo. After Bubboo, this is what we miss. There’s no time to talk! 😦

  4. What an inspiring post. Love the subtle reminder that it is the ordinary (seeming) moments of togetherness in which lie the roots of extra-ordinary bonding and precious memories that’ll warm our hearts till eternity.
    Your sister’s message is beautiful 🙂

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