The Liebster Blogging Awards!

I started writing my own blog after being a lurker and occasional commenter on some blogs that I found interesting. And as I read, I realised, that apart from picking up new perspectives on something old, and reading about things that I would have otherwise not thought about, bloggers could become good friends.

A different kind of friendship – one based almost completely upon the character you portray through your writing. I’ve always had a childhood dream of having a penpal, and I think blogging fulfills that, to a certain extent!

December 8th, 2011 was a very special day for me. I logged into my blogging email id to find a comment from cynicallyengineered that read ‘You just got yourself a Liebster blog award! Check it out.’

Here’s a little about the Liebster Awards and the person who gave it to me:

Liebster is a German word meaning ‘dearest’ or ‘favourite’ and the thought behind it, is to award those blogs that you think are your favourites.

These are the rules as displayed on Cynically Engineered’s blog:

  1. Showing appreciation of the bloggers who nominated you by linking back to their blogs.
  2. Choose your top 5 favourite blogs and award them by linking back to their blogs.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Lastly, enjoy the love and appreciation you’ve got and share the blogging karma!

Your chosen blogs should have less than two hundred followers.

If you get more than one award, you are supposed to name another five of your favorites.

Thinking about it takes me back to that day when I was grinning so much all day, thanks to having been conferred my very first blogging award! 🙂

Cynicallyengineered is one cool dude 🙂 A geek, a bit of a poet, and although perhaps not intended, someone who shows off his brilliant writing skills. It’s witty and might make you laugh aloud at times, and yet provides enough fodder for thought to be more than a timepass read. And also, a guy-feminist on the Indian Blogosphere. CE became immensely popular on the blogging circuit, but I guess the fame and fortune became too much for him 😉 He’s on a temporary sabbatical. But subscribe to his blog – You won’t be disappointed, I promise 🙂 Thank you, CE, for giving me this award!! 🙂 It made my day 😀

Its been a hectic month leading up to 2012 what with having to prepare for and write a few exams, a little bit of travelling and a busy schedule at work.

I missed my blog, and I’d like to begin the New Year by putting up something that smacks of goodness and appreciation! 🙂

Presenting to you…. *Drumroll please!* … the Liebster Blog Awards! 

These are my favourite bloggers and blogs in my short blogging journey… and in no particular order.

1. Never Mind Yaar

KayEm/K.Mathur says that she writes at the heart of India’s problems – communal tension and the environment. In reality though, her blog is much much more… She writes about clashing and intermingling of cultures, of women’s rights, and corruption among other things. She has a side widget containing interesting reads,  and oh, she’s a novelist too 🙂

2. Scribby’s This & That:

Scribby is a mommy blogger 🙂 With a super cute daughter, Chirpy – the image in my head is of a bubbly-mommy and an even bubblier baby girl! But click and read, and you’ll find a lot more than just stories about her baby girl – although those are super cute too 🙂

3. The Era I Lived In:

My Era writes a deeply personal blog. Chronicles of the life she has had, the difficulties faced and the little drops of joy and hopes for the future. Some of these are written in the form of letters to her darling daughter, Pari… its almost as if from a movie, and I’m sure that Pari would one day love reading them.

4. Souldipper: 

Souldipper’s blog reverberates with positive energy. She calls herself a ‘Spirit Builder by Design’. Even if you aren’t spiritualistic, its worth a read – you’re bound to come away feeling better about yourself. I love reading her comments on my blog – the thoughtfulness behind each one feels like she’s dipped into a part of my soul.

5. Priya’s Partial View

Priya’s Partial View is the first blog I subscribed to after reading her on Freshly Pressed. Deeply recommended for the brilliant photography and the simple, soothing and beautiful way of writing. Even if you come from a different country and a different way of life, its bound to transport you to another place. Priya makes you smile, although sometimes with a little tear 🙂 Truly magical!

CE, thank you so much for my first ever blogging award! It will always remain very very special 🙂 🙂 🙂

And to my list of Liebster Awardees – Thank you for giving me something fun, special and meaningful to read! 🙂 Spread the blogging karma and the joy!

Here’s wishing you all a BRILLIANT 2012, good health, and all the happiness in the world! 🙂


21 thoughts on “The Liebster Blogging Awards!

  1. I have, of late, started reading blogs and must admit it’s been fun discovering so many thought provoking or humourous articles, beautiful poems, amazing photos and delicious recipes. It is more fun than facebook. Wish I could devote more time reading what people have to say. There’s so much out there. P&p, thanks. The Leibster Blog Awards! Couldn’t ask for a better start to the year :).

  2. You are exceptionally kind for passing this award along to me, P&P. I like it’s name – it shares the same root as the German word for Love. Love is what I hope to share in all my posts.

    There’s lots of Love around – we just forget to share it.

    Obviously, you didn’t forget today. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you, P&P. Blogging is indeed a good means to get acquainted with people who can be your friends, and then make them your friends!

    Many more blogging years to you, and many more awards! Congratulations on this one. I know you deserve it!

    Your descriptions of all the blogs are so inviting, I have to check them all out, so that’s what I am going to do now.

  4. Congrats on the award… Nice descrip. you have got there. Would try to drop in the other links soon. They sound interesting 🙂

  5. Congratulations 🙂

    I was checking all the blogs when I hit a snag for one of the mentioned bloggers.

    The link which you gave for Priya’s blog is no longer there. Has she made it private?

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